Three sexual positions in THREESOME!

Both men and women have the same fantasy of sex in three. This desire should not be shamed. However, you can tell your partner and discuss it with them. Here are three sexual positions that you can have sex with.


This is a great position for two women and one man who are having sexual intercourse. The woman on her back is the one who gives the oral sex while the woman on her back is the woman in the middle. The man then penetrates the woman on the back. This way, everyone can have sexual activity.

Double penetration

This will result in two men and one woman. The man is on his back and the woman is on top. This position allows for both anal as well as vaginal penetration. You will soon experience the sexual pleasures of this position.

Oral sex

If you have two men and one woman, this is another good position. The man on the back offers a sensational oral sex while the woman in the front penetrates the woman’s side. This is very similar to the train.

Maximum pleasure

If there are two women, this position will give the man maximum pleasure. Standing, one of the women will have sex with the man while the other woman stands. The man will keep his legs apart and the woman behind him will kiss and caress his testicles. This will ensure that there is a long-lasting orgasm.