This is everything you need to know before you start a serious relationship with a man

After dating a guy for some time, you are starting to like him but aren’t sure if he is the right man for you. We provides clues and tells what you need to know before you start a serious relationship.

Social life

Indirectly, his friends can reveal a lot about him. If he spends time with his friends and makes the effort to get to know them, it is likely that he will be trustworthy and loyal. If he’s lonely and doesn’t have friends, then you need to ask yourself some questions. He might be rude, not know how to keep a relationship together, or just plain uninterested in his friends.

How he treats your needs

How she treats you will tell you if she is looking for a long-term relationship, or just a few weeks. We know that men watch a lot of filmexxx, you have to understand this and support it for a healthy and beneficial relationship for your couple. You can be confident in introducing yourself to your family and friends. Men only do this when they feel the woman is worthy.


It is easy to tell if she can have a steady relationship with her ex-girlfriends. If he has too many relationships and his friends “confuse”, your name with his ex-girlfriends, this is a sign that he was having too many women. It would be a good idea to stay away from such a man. He won’t really devote himself to one woman.


You need to have a mature man beside you who can make important decisions. You might want to reconsider your meetings with him if he behaves like a child, and fails to achieve his goals. He is not ready for a stable relationship.


You want to find the right dildo for you?

Even if your sex life isn’t enriched by a dildo you have probably considered it at least once. There are many dildos available on the market. They come in different sizes and shapes, so it can be difficult to find the right one. You might be curious as to which dildo is best for you.

A penis, in the form of

For a more authentic sensation, these dildos closely mimic the anatomical form of a penis. They are made from rubber and are extremely fine to the touch. Some of them even have suction cups at their bases so you can stick them on a surface if you desire to experience the highest levels of pleasure.


Glass dildos are also available, which have been proven to be more durable than traditional sex toys. It is also safe for women who cannot tolerate latex. They can withstand temperature fluctuations, are non-allergenic, don’t contain chemicals, and stay lubricated for longer. However, they are not flexible like other types.

Curved dildo

This dildo was specifically designed to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris, which are known for their pleasure. This dildo will give you double stimulation (anal and vaginal), and will speed up your orgasm.

Silicone dildo

This dildo is perfect for beginners, mimics human skin perfectly, and allows delicate penetration. It is hypoallergenic and does not cause skin irritation. Many kinds of dildos appear in filme xxx, you can watch many very easily, some types are made of silicone. They are strong and provide intense pleasure.

You have many options. You can use it for anal and vaginal penetration. Or, for oral sex.

Double dildo

Double dildo can be used for both anal and vaginal stimulation. Flexible and with two ends, it can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration. This dildo type is recommended for women who have experience with sex toys and for those who are new to anal stimulation. It helps the muscles gradually become more comfortable with penetration. Anal sex will soon be a joy.

These dildos can also be used by couples looking to experience strong sexual sensations in their bedroom. With such a dildo the woman can allow vaginal penetration and the man is lightly penetrated anal in order to stimulate his prostate. This is known as the “G-spot” of men.

Three sexual positions in THREESOME!

Both men and women have the same fantasy of sex in three. This desire should not be shamed. However, you can tell your partner and discuss it with them. Here are three sexual positions that you can have sex with.


This is a great position for two women and one man who are having sexual intercourse. The woman on her back is the one who gives the oral sex while the woman on her back is the woman in the middle. The man then penetrates the woman on the back. This way, everyone can have sexual activity.

Double penetration

This will result in two men and one woman. The man is on his back and the woman is on top. This position allows for both anal as well as vaginal penetration. You will soon experience the sexual pleasures of this position.

Oral sex

If you have two men and one woman, this is another good position. The man on the back offers a sensational oral sex while the woman in the front penetrates the woman’s side. This is very similar to the train.

Maximum pleasure

If there are two women, this position will give the man maximum pleasure. Standing, one of the women will have sex with the man while the other woman stands. The man will keep his legs apart and the woman behind him will kiss and caress his testicles. This will ensure that there is a long-lasting orgasm.

My husband is obsessed with sex!


Emma is my name. I am 31 years old. I have a problem. My husband is addicted and won’t let me go to any other sex.

Although we have been married for three years, it has never been. It all began when I became pregnant 2 years ago. It was the first time that I saw him masturbating in the toilet and reading men’s magazines.

Although I didn’t mind reading men’s magazines, it was normal for me to do so. But it bothered me that my man hid in the bathroom. I was always open to his sexual propositions and thought we got along well at this point.

I felt that he was affected by my inability to have sex during the final months of my pregnancy. About 5-6 months after my birth, I was able to resume sexual activity. However, it’s not the same as before. He doesn’t seem to be interested anymore, he seems bored and I don’t attract him anymore.

Masturbating in the toilet is almost a daily habit for her (she does it nearly every night), but she now doesn’t hide that much from me. Although I wanted to play his game a few more times, he refused.

I don’t know what I should do, because I don’t want to lose him or go to other women. Don’t even think about it. He refuses to accept my help. He gets upset when I mention these things and he says it’s not his business. I then leave him alone.

I also know that if he is left alone, he will continue his current path and jeopardize his marriage. What can I do to help him? How can I make them more interested? Is this normal? “

Ten sexually transmitted diseases and the symptoms

Unfortunately, sexually transmitted diseases are becoming more common among young people. Some may not be aware of this, while others may just be carriers. While condoms are the best way to protect yourself from these diseases, more people are turning to other contraceptives, even if they don’t have a partner. provides a list of sexually transmitted diseases, along with their symptoms. This allows you to determine if you are infected.

Chlamydia. This disease is usually asymptomatic and caused by a bacteria. The symptoms include urinary incontinence and vaginal discharge (in some cases, penis discharge). If left untreated, chlamydia may lead to infertility or pelvic inflammation.

Genital warts (HPV). This is caused by a virus that once it has infected the body, it will never go away. The appearance of warts in the intimate areas will be obvious. The warts appear on the penis in men and women. They are yellow-gray in color and can be seen on the cervix. The disease is hard to treat and may return after a while.

Syphilis. Syphilis is a serious illness that can lead to death. Patients may experience genital injuries, skin rashes, or problems with the heart and nervous system depending on their stage. The earlier the disease is detected, the greater the chance of healing (in the initial stage, it can be cured).

Candidia is also known as vaginal yeast infection. It affects 90% of women. Candida symptoms include thickening of the vaginal discharge and yellowing color. It can also cause itching and stinging in the genital area. The disease can be treated quickly (in as little as 10 days), but can also return in a matter of months.

Hepatitis B. It can be transmitted sexually through infected needles. It is more common in gay men, and those who engage in anal sex. It can cause fatigue, fever, headaches, jaundice and abdominal pain, as well as inflammation of the liver.

Herpes. This is caused by a virus that will resist treatment. You will experience small, painful blisters in your intimate areas and buttocks when the virus is active. The rash can develop at any time throughout your life. However, daily medication can help to control the condition.

Gonorrhea. Gonorrhea can be described as burning urine and vaginal discharge. If left untreated, the disease may progress to infertility, heart issues, or arthritis.

Genital lice. Pubic hair can be infested by small external parasites. These parasites are easily visible and can cause severe itching, mild fever, or inflammation of the tonsils. External treatment is the best way to get rid of genital lice.

HIV AIDS. HIV infection is the first stage. Although it cannot be cured completely, the progression of the virus to AIDS can be slowed. AIDS, the actual disease, can develop many years after HIV infection. HIV infection can be diagnosed by a blood test. The patient might experience night sweats, parasitic fungal infections, and weight loss once the virus has caused the disease. Some pornographic actors have become infected, but now the rules for performing in the porno industry have been regulated.

Pelvic inflammatory disorder. It can be caused by chlamydia, gonorrhea, and it affects the uterus. It can cause infertility and include abdominal pain, fever and tenderness of the uterus, ovaries, painful periods, fatigue, dizziness, pain while having intercourse, or vomiting.